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Augmented Microscope MK1

Half-way through my graduation project I was utterly fascinated by the remarkable world of algae. I bough a decent microscope and went ‘fishing’ for algae in a nearby pond. Looking at the microscopic world was awesome but I didn’t knew what I… Continue Reading →

Upgrading my cleaning robot Edgar (part 2)

In part 1 I gave a short introduction to the objective of upgrading my vacuum robot from LG; simple non-intrusive ‘hacking’ internet control and camera surveillance using a raspberry pi. After learning about raspberry pi and toying around with mostly… Continue Reading →

The colonel

Character artist Ola Sundberg made a wonderful sculpt named ‘The colonel’ and shared his 3D file on Thingiverse, in my attempt to learn the basics of silicon mould-making I used this model as a test case. When I poured a polyurethane… Continue Reading →


SpinBot is a small and simple robot that was conceived as a FabLab Brainport workshop to introduce and promote technology to young children (and even adults). The robot has a little motor that spins on a piece of paper, creating spirograph-like… Continue Reading →

Impression of the mini makerfaire Eindhoven

Red Baron’s Fokker DR 1

This is my second try at building a plastic model kit from Revell. The first model kit was the Sopwith F.1 Camel (the adversary of the Fokker DR 1). In comparison with the other build I really put a lot of effort… Continue Reading →

Ikea Lampan Hack

This project came to life during some experimentation in Blender with displacement mapping. So what’s Blender? And what’s displacement mapping? Blender is a free 3D modelling program, super awesome if you want to make crazy 3D stuff, unfortunately absurdly un-user-frienly if you want… Continue Reading →

Today I received some cheapo battery straps from my favorite webshop, really a good bang for the buck. 😛 These will replace the crappy strap that came with the diatone frame from HobbyKing. The plastic part allow you to really,… Continue Reading →

Wooden tool stand

Woord projecI hate it when I have to go digging through my toolbox searching for the right tool somewhere at the bottom. What I need is some first-order retrievability voodoo magic:  I had some scrap wood laying around from the… Continue Reading →

DIY Bonsai: Semi-Cascade Juniperus

As a present for my birthday I received a Bonsai . To make sure I could take good care of the little tree I borrowed a few books about Bonsai. This led me on a cool project to make my own… Continue Reading →

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