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Wooden tool stand

Woord projecI hate it when I have to go digging through my toolbox searching for the right tool somewhere at the bottom. What I need is some first-order retrievability voodoo magic:¬† I had some scrap wood laying around from the… Continue Reading →

Hexagon style DIY shelves

Hexagon style shelves are not an uncommon diy project, the interwebs is flooded with them! So, after studying¬†hundreds of hexagon projects I quickly noticed that mostly everyone was using a tool called a (sliding) compound miter saw. And you’ve guessed… Continue Reading →

Lasercut-Art inspired by Escher and the Autumn

This is a laser cut piece inspired by the work of M.C. Escher. The work is inspired by mathematical patterns and the autumn season in which I designed this piece. The idea is that one shape (in this case a… Continue Reading →

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