So, the idea was to make a 3D printed ‘minion’-like silly green figure coated with grass particles (the stuff they use to make landscapes for miniature train sets).

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The 3D model was made in Blender using a few simple shapes, the eyes, teeth and tongue were later added and ‘boolean-cut’ from the body.

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-16 om 16.45.21


A nice thing about this technique that it masks ugly prints and rough layer thicknesses. You can find the 3D files on thingiverse.

photo2 (1) kopie

The f(l)ocking finish

For the green turf surface finishing I used multiple layers of ‘scenic cement’ from a company called Woodland Scenics and covered it with the grass particles(I used these, but you can mix it up with different colors to get a specific look).


The process goes as follows, you spray the model, cover it with the particles, shake off any particles that are not stuck on the model and repeat the process until you are happy with the result. Once satisfied, finish with a good spray of the cement to make the particle finish more durable.

photo2 (1)

I found that the particles wouldn’t stick well on the 3D print, maybe use a different kind of glue the next time or prime / sand the model, maybe you guys have ideas or experience with this material? However, the cement does make the particles rock hard which makes it possible to handle the model. The different colored teeth, eyes and tongue were added after the surface treatment and were glued in.


And voila!

Let me know what you think, I hope somebody can use this somehow in a cool project.



– Frits