Time to put some freshly learned Blender skills to use in a project! During previous projects in Blender I experienced that modelling stuff in 3D ‘out of thin air’ makes it difficult for me to create models with proper proportions. I guess this is what they teach you in sculpting class, however, learning a new software program AND learning to sculpt might be a steep learning curve. So using reference material kind of takes a way a lot of the ‘sculpting’ / ‘proportioning’ stuff. A good source of reference material is deviantart, this is were I found the artwork from ‘Pong concept by Trenchmaker’ on deviantart. This time though, the there is just one perspective of the penguin instead of having a front / back / left / right view etcetera.


Unfortunately I don’t have many ‘in progress’ pictures. In the Blender screenshot below you can see the base he is standing on, later I decided not to print this part because the penguin is already on max dimensions of the Ultimaker printer.

Schermafbeelding 2015-05-09 om 15.27.31


After a couple of hours modeling the penguin, he was printed and later used in the Colorfabb webshop to showcase their filament.

pong cant swim pong on colorfabb filament spool


Note that his snorkel did not have any support which caused it to distort a bit. In proportion to the spool you can guess that this is a pretty (fat) big penguin :P. I liked this project very much as it was a challenge to make a 3D model based on a single picture. Comparing the final model and the concept artwork shows subtle differences, I kind of drifted  away from the artwork as I progressed. It was never the goal to make an exact match, just to have fun making a fat penguin! HA!