In the past I tried several techniques to produce rubber stamps, I tried 3D printing with rubbery-like filament and laser-cutting wood. Unfortunately none of the stamps were very succesfull, the quality of the ink print was lacking. I happened to come across a hobby-shop and the idea came to mind to re-make some stamps using different materials. I bought 2-component silicone, a rubber eraser and brownish unknown material probably used for making stamps 😛

different materials for making stamps.JPG

So with these new canditates I will try to make a new ‘frits makes stuff’ stamp. Let’s get started by making a design using Adobe Illustrator.

The icon I used is from thenounproject created by Juan Pablo Bravo.

With the file exported as a normal ‘jpg’ image I used the laser-cutter from FabLab Brainport to engrave the logo onto the rubber eraser and the brownish material (I didn’t had the time to use the 2-component silicone). Here is the result:

rubber stamprubber stamp fail

So the brownish slate seems to be not such a great succes. However, the image is inversed (and the cutting) and I think I didn’t set the laser focussing height correctly. The rubber stamp on the other hand did really nice, here is the final result:

rubber stamp works

Okay, so that worked, plans for the future are to make a 3D-printed ‘woodfill’ stamp handle to make stampin’ real easy!

frits makes stamps and stuff