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Sopwith Camel

First attempt at building a plastic model kit from Revell.

Upgrading a robot vacuum with a Raspberry Pi

This project is still in progress. Introduction to the project This project is about upgrading my LG Hom-Bot vacuum robot, nicknamed ‘Edgar’, with a Raspberry Pi brain. This mod allows for some cool and unique features which you will not… Continue Reading →

3D print from this thing on Thingiverse. Printed on my Printrbot using Woodfill from Colorfabb. Finished with some googly eyes. ūüėÄ

The artistic learning robot

This is an old project I did in 2012 when I was still studying for my masters. The goal was to make a learning robot using neural networks. I did this project together with Karin Niemantsverdriet and Thomas van Lankveld…. Continue Reading →

Hexagon style DIY shelves

Hexagon style shelves are not an uncommon diy project, the interwebs is flooded with them! So, after studying¬†hundreds of hexagon projects I quickly noticed that mostly everyone was using a tool called a (sliding) compound miter saw. And you’ve guessed… Continue Reading →

FPV racing √° la Star Wars

I took my FPV quadcopter (see my previous post about the build details) out for a bit of racing. Besides for looking awesome, we are using the¬†3W ledstrips from Hobbyking to make the drones more visible for each other (The… Continue Reading →

Auditory Augmented Seashell

The¬†Auditory Augmented Seashell was part of my graduation project. It was about exploring ways to perceive the ocean. Light doesn’t travel far in water, however, sound travels many miles underwater. With this concept in mind, ‘Looking’¬†the ocean doesn’t make much… Continue Reading →

Lasercut-Art inspired by Escher and the Autumn

This is a laser cut piece inspired by the work of M.C. Escher. The work is inspired by mathematical patterns and the autumn season in which I designed this piece. The idea is that one shape (in this case a… Continue Reading →

Frits makes an FPV racing quadcopter!

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