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Frits makes some stamps

In the past I tried several techniques to produce rubber stamps, I tried 3D printing with rubbery-like filament and laser-cutting wood. Unfortunately none of the stamps were very succesfull, the quality of the ink print was lacking. I happened to… Continue Reading →

Frits Makes a Green Grass Man

So, the idea was to make a 3D printed ‘minion’-like silly green figure coated with grass particles (the stuff they use to make landscapes for miniature train sets). 3D-modeling The 3D model was made in Blender using a few simple… Continue Reading →

Reference artwork from Fantomedelamusique on deviantart    

Frits makes a silly penguin

Time to put some freshly learned Blender skills to use in a project! During previous projects in Blender I experienced that modelling stuff in 3D ‘out of thin air’ makes it difficult for me to create models with proper proportions…. Continue Reading →

This is a replica of the Thunderbird 3. Reference material came from ~Librarian-bot. Completely 3D-printed on Ultimakers using Colorfabb PLA filament. The 3D-files were made in Blender and can be found on Thingiverse were it has been featured on the homepage… Continue Reading →

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