Character artist Ola Sundberg made a wonderful sculpt named ‘The colonel’ and shared his 3D file on Thingiverse, in my attempt to learn the basics of silicon mould-making I used this model as a test case. When I poured a polyurethane copy and was pleased with the result I thought; why not go all the way and prime / paint this baby! So in chronological order, here is a peek into the process.

Here is the polyurethane copy next to the original PLA print. The copy had a little fleshing that I had to trim away, but other than that, it seemed a an absolute succes for a first try!

foto (25)

A close-up shot of the colonel.


I thoroughly bathed the model in soapy holy water to get rid of any greasy substances it might still have from the mold (although I didn’t use any mould release).

image (1)

After a trip to the hairdresser to cut away the afro I primed the model.

To my surprise the model started to show small micro bubbles after priming, this wasn’t previously visible on the model. Probably due to the ‘milky’ opaqnues of the material. Mmmmm, maybe my silicone-moulding / polyurethane-pouring still needs a bit of optimization…


So anyway I started with a couple of base layers for the face. Luckily after a couple of layers, the little bubbles started to disappear.


I started shading the face, moustache and did the squinty eyes.

More shading! I also used a little clear epoxy on the eyes to make them glassy looking, however, you don’t really notice because they are sooo small. 😛

After I finished with the face I started with his uniform.

And his barrett.

The small pores are still visible after the first layer.

After the hair, or actually the shaved part of his head I started working on the details.

After that some shading of the uniform, barrett and ‘hair’.

Check out the final result:

Check out Ola’s portfolio for more awesome sculpting!