In part 1 I gave a short introduction to the objective of upgrading my vacuum robot from LG; simple non-intrusive ‘hacking’ internet control and camera surveillance using a raspberry pi. After learning about raspberry pi and toying around with mostly the software and a bit of electronics I decided to make some progress on the actual hardware.

I used masking tape to sketch a square with known dimensions onto Edgar. This was done to apply a perspective correction in photoshop. After tracing the shape of the robot in Illustrator I used the sqaure again to scale the drawing to spec. This data was then used in Solidworks to design the frame which holds all the electronic bits and pieces firmly attached to Edgar.

I laser cut the acrylic sheets and mounted it using suction cups. The suction cups work great I can lift the entire robot from the frame!

I had to trim down the raspberry pi for it to fit inside the acrylic sheets. 

In the next part: need to find time to make some sort of mount for the camera and the IR transmitter electronics.